Safety at our sites

At all of our sites, we identify and evaluate risks that our plants might pose to employees and any neighbouring companies or people living in the vicinity. In recent years, we have also rolled out a Group-wide management programme to systematically identify the most serious risks at all sites. This Major Hazards Review Programme (MHRP) creates a uniform basis for measuring risks at all locations and defining specific control mechanisms to minimise these risks to the greatest possible extent. By the end of 2011 Linde had certified 312 sites according to MHRP globally.

Our crisis management agenda includes emergency planning for major catastrophes such as fire, explosions, natural disasters, crime and pandemics, and the impact these would have on our sites and business processes. We have defined areas of responsibility and decision-making channels for these scenarios at local, regional and Group level and developed guidelines for structured communication during crises.

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Global Compact

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