Resources and materials

The conservation of resources is an economic and ecological principle at The Linde Group. As a leading global supplier of industrial gases, atmospheric air is our most important resource. We also use other raw materials and supplies in our processes. Compared to other industries, however, these volumes are relatively low. Materials include for example the metals required to manufacture components.

Resources and materials

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Most of our products are delivered to customers in gas cylinders or tanks. Other products, however, need to be packaged. Paper, cardboard and plastic are the main packaging materials we use. After use, our gas cylinders are refilled and reused. On average, our cylinders are reused three and a half times a year, and they have a lifespan of approximately 20 years.

Renewable raw materials

Linde technologies help promote the use of renewable raw materials. We are working with algae specialists, for example, on a range of technologies that provide these “cell factories” with an optimum supply of CO2. Modified algae use CO2 to produce ethanol - a climate-neutral fuel for the vehicles of tomorrow. In autumn 2011, we also started operations at a demonstration plant that produces hydrogen from glycerine. This industrial-scale undertaking provides impressive proof of concept, demonstrating our ability to supply certified "green" hydrogen to refuelling stations for fuel-cell vehicles. Crude glycerine occurs as a by-product when biodiesel is made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed.

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