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Our talent development programmes are designed to meet the audience-specific and regional needs of various professional profiles across the company. Training initiatives primarily focus on practical learning and skill-building. Every employee spent an average of 2.3 days in training in 2011 (2011: 2.0).

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The number of employees who took up training opportunities rose by 5 percent in 2011. A total of 64.4 percent of employees took part in training measures in 2011 (2010: 59.1 percent). The company spent EUR 267 on training per employee (2010: EUR 241). We provide an online training platform for employees and also hold regular employee review meetings to help steer professional development. In this context, we continued to expand our Group-wide performance management system in 2011 and assessed the current system worldwide. The results of this process form the basis of a new, uniform, Group-wide performance management module, which we aim to launch in 2012.

Responsible leadership

Our managers have an important role to fulfil. They have to support and inspire their teams, also identifying and embracing the opportunities inherent in the cultural diversity and experience of each member. And they must also lead by example. Our advanced training programmes help managers rise to these challenges. We have bundled international training and development programmes in leadership and business management under the umbrella of the Linde University. Our offering here includes:

  • Junior and Regional Talent Circles for gifted young employees. These programmes enable us to identify potential leaders, strengthen their interpersonal, leadership and management skills, and build long-term loyalty to the company.
  • The Global Talent Circle for middle management. We partner with leading business schools around the world for this initiative. The programme was held four times in 2010.
  • The Global Leadership Development Circle (GLDC) is targeted at experienced managers with a high level of staff responsibility. This programme was developed in collaboration with the Business School at the University of Oxford.

In addition, we expanded our line manager development concepts for first- and second-line managers during the period under review. These programmes focus on developing the core competencies required to effectively lead employees and inspire them to excel. By the end of 2011, all target-group managers had completed this course. The second phase of the programme started mid-2011, building on the results of the first. It was also expanded to include further topics, taken, for example, from our global employee survey. Our aim is to ensure that the topics covered in our courses have a long-term impact.

We also offer development programmes at local level tailored to regional requirements. Our Linde China University, for example, focuses on our managers in China.

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