Community investment

Our aim is to invest in and strengthen the communities surrounding our operations. These investments benefit our neighbours, the larger community, the local authorities and the Group as a whole. By focusing our efforts here on engineering, the natural sciences and research into medical gas applications, we are investing in the future of each region and the education of potential future employees as well as in the development of innovative applications for our products.


children supported

South African Group member Afrox supported schools, orphanages and other organisations in the course of 2011. Over 3,100 children received assistance within the framework of around 70 projects.

Some regions bundle their social activities under the umbrella of community involvement programmes. In 2011, our South African Group member Afrox supported around 70 projects through its community involvement programme, providing help to over 3,100 children. In North America, Linde has made a tradition of its annual Giving Campaign. Here, volunteers organise various initiatives to collect financial donations for charitable causes and organisations. We support our employees´ commitment to community projects by enabling them to take paid leave or adding to their donations.

Providing help in crises

In emergencies, we provide help by donating money and equipment, and by providing on-site assistance. In response to the flooding in the Australian state of Queensland and the earthquake in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, our local companies, Group headquarters and employees in the regions affected donated a total of over EUR 430,000 in 2011. In autumn 2011, the region provided EUR 100,000 in emergency aid as well as food and drink for the people affected by the disaster.

Global Compact

This page contains information that is relevant to the ten principles of UN Global Compact.

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