Social commitment

  • Community investment support for over 240,000 children and students
  • 20.000 trees planted
Social engagement (photo)

Across the globe, we support projects and initiatives, especially in communities in which our sites are located. This takes the form of donations, sponsorships and time devoted by our employees. We invest in education and science as well as in other areas such as health and environmental protection, helping to make the regions in which we operate more attractive locations – for our employees and our neighbours. We involve our employees in different activities here, including projects that focus on children and young people or relief efforts following natural disasters.

Corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship (graphic)

Our donation guidelines provide a framework for donations made by The Linde Group. As a company, Linde does not make donations to political parties or individuals. In the US, employees of Linde North America have formed a political action committee (PAC), an independent, registered committee, under which employees collect donations for politicians, political parties and associations.

Cross-regional activities are organised by the Group headquarters in Munich while local initiatives are run by the individual regions. South African Group member Afrox, for instance, donates one percent of its after-tax profits each year to good causes. In 2011, The Linde Group invested over EUR 6.3 million in donations, sponsoring and further corporate citizenship projects.

Global Compact

This page contains information that is relevant to the ten principles of UN Global Compact.

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